Did you know we sell hydro flasks?!

Not only are our hydro flasks sleek and smooth, they have amazing insulation keeping water cold for up to 24 hours. Its double vacuum protects the temperature of the drink and is unlike any plastic water bottle that slowly lets out all the col within an hour.

What about the hot drinks?! I’m glad you asked! They keep hot and warm drinks warmer for even longer.

Living in the pacific northwest, our weather is constantly changing. Whether its hot and sunny or rainy and freezing, our hydro flask will keep your beverage’s temperature where you like it. Especially with so many hikers and bikers in the area, we don’t want our coffee going cold or our ice water going warm.

There is nothing like a swig of ice cold water after biking up Powell Butte, or sipping that hot coffee while hiking through the gorge on a cold winter morning.

Hydro flasks are easy to clean and their material make it so the flavors of your beverage don’t hang around!

Our hydro flasks come in 16 ounces, which is the perfect size to bring in and fill up with our delicious coffee. You’ll even get a Bring Your Own Cup discount!