At present, a tea house is as essential as a coffee shop.

Since coffee has become a routine for all ages, millennials are now keen to try new flavors. Due to this, tea has been considered as a good segment to explore. The good thing is that the society has become more open to this journey of taste hunt. More and more coffee shops now offer tea as one of their valued beverages. One of these establishments is a coffee / tea house in Gresham, the Core Coffee.

Tea-House-–-A-Perfect-Spot-for-Millennials-500x500Why do millennials love tea? 

As millennials are often judged by some of the older generation, they have continued to show that behind those hyped up personalities are sometimes pressured and hardworking individuals. Just like the rest of us, they are striving to accomplish great tasks too, while trying to keep up with life. This is where the calming yet energizing effect of tea, together with its numerous benefits, helps them to go on.

What does tea provide to the young generation?

Millennials are always in the look for the “newest thing” – newest technology, fashion and the likes. A tea house that offers a wide variety puts them in a world of the most recent trend.

Moreover, tea has benefits that make them come back for more. Tea not only has effects on the mood – alleviating stress, it also contributes to physical aspects that feed the millennials’ admiration for pleasant imagery. Such benefits are promoting healthy glowing skin, weight loss and it brightens the teeth too! Health advantages include improving cholesterol levels, easing PMS pains and boosting one’s immunity to sickness.

Core Coffee is eager to serve versatile beverages to the modern community.

We are obsessed with innovation on our craft. Starting from exquisite herbs up to the way it is processed, Core Coffee aims to provide delectable concoctions that evolve thru the changing preference of the newer generation. Visit our coffee / tea house and experience the spot’s good vibe.

– Core Coffee
600 NW Eastman Pkwy, Gresham, OR 97030