The Increasing Demand for Healthier Food

Research reveals that most millennials have turned their backs on unwholesome eating habits. As per the US Natural/Organic Food Shopper market report, half (50 percent) of consumers say they are most likely to purchase organic fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables, compared to other food categories like meats/poultry/seafood (41 percent), juice (39 percent) and dairy/milk/yogurt (38 percent). Since millennials have surpassed baby boomers in terms of population size (with the demographic representing 83.1 million people and now in their 20’s and 30’s), this group dominates the consumer population. This only shows that ‘going organic’ is one of the most prevalent millennial food trends.

millennial-food-trends-500x500Millennial Foodie Mindset 

This generation is oftentimes considered as social foodie. They love food that pleases the eye and tend to take pride in sharing it on different sorts of social media. However, millennial food trends are not solely based on appearance and taste. In fact, as this group are more exposed to valuable information on mostly anything, including food lifestyle and fitness, they are now choosing to be on the healthy side. They often prefer natural / organic produce while making sure that food appearance and taste won’t suffer. This well-formed mindset ultimately affects how they view food in a modern society.

Impact on the Organic Food Industry

Consumers have begun to pay more attention to the concepts of wellness, self-care and awareness. With food and beverages specifically, people are becoming more selective in what they consume. And as millennials continue to be the dominant portion of consumers, it will definitely cause good business for the organic food industry.

‘Going Organic’ for all.

Regardless of age, this trend of consuming natural/organic produce is beneficial for the body. Since millennials are driving its growth, organic eats are now being served in numerous restaurants and café’s.

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