If you’ve been to a grocery store or even your local coffee house in the last few weeks, you may have noticed that your usual purchase of that wonderful green goodness the Avocado has gone up significantly. 

According to USA Today the price of the average Hass Avocado has nearly doubled in recent weeks, compared with the price of this time last year.

There are a few factors to take into consideration.

One thing that is obviously problematic is the overall production of the avocado is down. As America winds down with its Avocado season, it is noted by The Department of Agriculture that “California has had one of their worst Avocado seasons in the last ten years.” So while we wait for Mexico’s avocado season, we find ourself in an avocado “lull.” 

Did you know that 90 percent of all avocados come from Mexico? And while they grow a large number of avocados, not all of those are going to your neighborhood market. They are shipped everywhere.

Which brings me to another factor of the avocado price hike.  Avocados have grown in popularity and not solely for eating. Sure there’s the guacamole, toast, smoothies, and puddings. But maybe you don’t think about avocado oils or cosmetics using avocado.
A restaurant I learned about recently, New York’s Avocaderia, includes avocado in every single dish for a multi-course meal. Imagine every other restaurant — plus every taco truck — and every family enjoying them. We are simply demanding and using avocados for everything, and the supply simply isn’t keeping up. 
I even read about a mock guacamole, that didn’t use avocados, yikes!
Ultimately, and for the time being, we are all dealing with supply and demand. The demand is higher than ever and the supply isn’t what it has been in the past. 
Unfortunately this means our little green friends from nature are going to be more costly, but still delicious as ever.


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