Coffee on a sun-streaked day…

If you talked to someone about cold brew coffee a few years ago, chances are they wouldn’t even know what it is. But in recent years, it has taken the spotlight most especially in the summertime.

We know for a fact that a hot cup of coffee brightens up our day. But what do we look for when it’s summer? Sipping a hot drink on a warm weather can be too much to bear. This is why the cold brew trend continues to heat up! It has become the ultimate choice of refreshing beverage for those who seek to cool down and get their caffeine fix.

Cold-Brew-–-Summer’s-Latest-Coffee-Craze-500x500The Difference Between Iced Coffee and Cold Brew 

While the two are often served similarly, there’s a distinction between them. When it comes to brewing process, cold brew is brewed long and cool, while iced coffee is simply normal coffee that has been chilled then poured over ice. In terms of appearance, the two seem to look alike. However, there is a significant difference as to how they taste. Iced coffee retains more of the acidic hint of warm coffee, while cold brew has much less of this. Also, iced coffee has the tendency to lose the powerful aroma of coffee, making cold brew a better choice for most.

Experience the cold brew trend.

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