Apart from being a coffee lover, most people are “coffee house” lovers.

Agree? It takes so much more than the beverages a café serves to have loyal customers. Other factors most consumers pay attention to are the experienced baristas, coffee house setting, good food and the quality of table service. And these are what people get when they visit Core Coffee. For the working groups and individuals, it serves as their haven for efficiency and vivid concepts.

Coffee-House-Core-Coffee-Gresham-500x500Coffee shops and the modern world… 

Since coffee houses are becoming a favorite spot of students, employees and businessmen to have their study and work sessions, we make sure that our space becomes their perfect spot for boosting productivity. Our mid-century modern space is suited for individuals seeking a comfy yet effective spot for mind motivation.

Coffee shops are now considered to be one of the preferred work space by the modern society. It is for the reason that cafes have this positive vibe that perfectly works well with intensive work and discussions. Considering that caffeine fuels brain activity and enhances mood, coffee houses are the best spots to combat stress brought by difficult school or office tasks. Moreover, coffee shops help to get work done by giving you a nice, conducive space while sipping quality coffee and other delectable beverages.

Core Coffee is your ultimate work hub.

The overall trendy ambience, savory organic food and great caffeine experience are just a few of the reasons why this coffee house is perfect. It is not only for those coffee lovers but for the entire local community who seeks new connections and ideas.

The greater news is that, Core Coffee is now open for membership to its customers who desire to get more of the café’s perks such as discounts, faster Wi-Fi, free prints and iPad use. Visit our coffee house to find out more.

– Core Coffee
600 NW Eastman Pkwy, Gresham, OR 97030