The term “power smoothie” says it all.

For people who aim to achieve a healthy yet appetizing drink, power smoothie is the perfect blend. We all know that it’s not that easy to prepare meals packed with nutrients each day, most especially if you are the ‘busy type’. This is why more and more people are choosing this drink as an addition to sustain their daily health routine. With the perfect texture of smoothie plus its healthy properties, you’ll get a drink that is good-tasting and beneficial at the same time.

power-smoothie-500x500What good can it do to you? 

Power smoothies are easy to find, all you have to do is choose which one you prefer best. Coffee shops such as Core Coffee offer power smoothie which you can easily pick up on any busy day.

If you’ll check on the ingredients, you’ll see that there is a lot of good stuff mixed to make a power smoothie. None of which can be tagged as harmful to the body as it usually consists of mainly fruits and vegetables. This is why it is considered as one of the most nutritious drinks nowadays.

The taste of power smoothies can be very tasty due to its natural ingredients. As a power smoothie drinker, myself, I can say that it can even be one of your favorite drinks too!

What type of power smoothie do we offer to our customers?

There numerous variations of power smoothie in the market. However, ours is an organic one that perfectly matches our organic eats. Moreover, ours is prepared by our experienced baristas and consists of tambour organic acai puree, mixed berries, apple juice, kale, chia and flax seed making it a very nutritious health drink. Drop by our cozy space and experience the goodness and benefits of power smoothie.

– Core Coffee
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