As your favorite Gresham coffee shop, you know that we care deeply about the people around us and strive to make an impact on their lives.

As residents of the Gresham area, we do our best to meet changing economic and social needs of our community: we buy local goods and services to allow dozens of businesses to grow with us.

Another way we support our local economy is by featuring artists every month!

We believe in Creatives and not only love offering month-long features to showcase our local artists, but also…it changes the vibe in the coffee shop to prevent it from feeling sterile or bland at any time!

We have had the honor of featuring a number of artists, from painters to drawers to dream catchers and macrames and even photographers. The options are endless!

If you are an artist, please send us an email and ask us for more information about our month-long features. We would be privileged to support your hard work and creativity!

Joshua Hayne:

“Through the combination of texture and bright, vibrant color, I like to bring a sense of imagination and wonder to the viewer, so that they can explore and expand their own thoughts and ideas. My goal is to unify contrast and diversity, making the art flow in a harmonious and continuous motion, making sense from the nonsense. Utilizing flaw can turn a mistake into a masterpiece. Embracing a flaw can create and artist.”

Contact: 208.790.3671

Taleah Hayne — Four Feathers Co.

Handmade home-good pieces like dream catchers, plant hangers, and macrame wall-hangings. 

“I love to travel and use my hands to create everything I can. I am self-taght in everything Imake and design everything mostly on a whim from inspiration in nature I see around me. I am from the Assiniboine Sioux tribe and have three siblings. The name Four Feathers Co. comes from us kids and a close bond we’ve shared our whole life. Every piece is handcrafted using all-natural driftwood from the Oregon Coast beaches as well as the Snake and Clearwater Rivers. They provide a lot of inspiration from their stones, feathers, driftwood and other natural gifts left by Mother Nature for repurpose. All feathers used are cruelty-free and naturally molted.”

Currenly on a break from new orders.

Natalie Brenner: Natalie Kristeen Photography, photographing in the real + really in love! She specializes in weddings and personal branding, but loves everything in between! She is also the author of the grief memoir, This Undeserved Life.

Instagram | Website


Justin Winfield: I paint black and gray and also color. 



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