About Core Coffee

“core (n): the central or most important part of something.”

Mission Vision:


We aim to fuel inspiration and deepen relationships, helping to build a thriving community in Gresham.

We Use Local Vendors

Supporting Local Community
We care deeply about the people around us and strive to make an impact on their lives. As residents of the Gresham area, we try to meet changing economic and social needs of our community.

Also, whenever possible, we buy local goods and services to allow dozens of businesses to grow with us.


Our Local Vendors

  • Cookie Monkey Bakery
  • La Provence Bakery



Core Coffee Manager

I have been in and out of the coffee business for the last 10 years. I really enjoy creativity and latte art is just one of the many things I enjoy to make. I am an animal lover! And if I have a brief moment I would love to show you adorable photos of them if you’ll let me! On my days off I love being creative with photography, jewelry making, cooking or working in my garden. Lots of exciting new stuff we’re rolling out in the next few weeks, so make sure to drop by and say hi!



My name is Johannah. I am an extroverted-homebody. Our home is filled with good coffee, plants, and giggle-fits from our kids. We love the beach and enjoying delicious coffee and food wherever we go.



Hi! My name is Rylee. I am a senior at Sam Barlow High School. When I’m not in school, I love to be outdoors, running, hiking, or boating! I also love to draw and paint in my free time.



Hello! I’m Tanya. I am one of the baristas here at Core Coffee. When I’m not making coffee, I do photography, love cooking, exploring the outdoors and gardening.  



Hey!! My names Hannah! I recently moved to Gresham from a small town in NW Washington. I’m a sucker for long drives in the car with the music WAY too loud, laughing and having fun with those I love, and of course COFFEE! I’m super excited to serve up some yummy for y’all!



I recently graduated top of my class with an emphasis on business from Sam Barlow High School.  I’m the newest Barista  and am very passionate about serving the Gresham Community at Core Coffee.  

Lacy and Cory Price



Cory and I live and love the Gresham community and am honored to serve as a meeting place that encourages community involvement.  Building a stronger community benefits us all and drives our dedication.  We strive to serve the best quality organic drinks and eats possible.  Sharing incredible flavors with an exceptional NW coffee experience is our goal for every visitor.  We look forward to meeting you soon!

Supporting Local Artists

We love the creativity that exists within our community and want to enjoy it every day. Using our professional gallery system, we invite local artists to showcase and sell their work on our café’s walls. Moreover, in exchange for making our shop more beautiful, we pass 100% of the profits to the artists when their work sells.

For individuals and groups, we regularly provide our café as a platform for many events and seminars.

To learn more about showcasing your work at Core Coffee, email us examples of your work to Info@CoreCoffee.net

Our current Core Coffee local Artist – Diego

Community Support

We are always on the lookout for non-profit partners that are helping to make Gresham a better stronger community for all. Please contact us at info@CoreCoffee.net with partnering opportunities.

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600 NW Eastman Parkway

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