Oat milk, what is it?

Sure you’ve heard of Almond milk and Coconut milk. But have you heard about Oat milk?
Oat milk is a type of plant milk. Derived from whole oat grains, by soaking the plant material to extract its nutrients. Oat milk naturally has a creamy texture and a characteristically mild Oatmeal-like flavor (Wikipedia oat milk).
Ever growing in popularity, Oat milk has become a favorite alternative milk for both baristas and customers alike. It’s rich creamy texture allows the coffee to still be tasted while preserving beautiful foam. The consistency of Oat milk makes it steam a little nicer than other alternative milks. Leaving you with a creamier Latte or Mocha, that seems a bit closer to the texture of dairy milk. Oat milk is high in nutrients and proteins, which has made it a viable

substitute for those not wanting to consume dairy milk. Oat milks natural flavor lends well to espresso drinks by adding only subtle flavor. Still maintaining the taste of the beverage you came for. Core Coffee proudly offers oat milk as an alternative for your dairy needs. If you haven’t tried it I highly recommend you give it a shot. However, in addition to Oat Milk, we also carry Almond and Coconut milk as a part of our alternative milks. As well as whole, Nonfat, Half n Half, and heavy cream for your dairy needs. Come see us, we’ll find you something, but hopefully you’re feeling adventurous and give Oat Milk a try.

What’s your favorite  milk alternative?


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