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We exist for the doers and change-makers, people with an adventurous spirit that seek experiences different from the boring status quo.  We’re excited to build connections, because we know that together we are stronger. 


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Core Coffee recognizes the coffeehouse as a powerful tool for society. The discovery of coffee and the birth of the coffeehouse started the enlightenment… the most creative period of human history. We exist to fuel the doers and change-makers, to be a hub of inspiration, connection, and achievement for a thriving local community. One way we do this is through our CORE COFFEE MEMBERSHIP. Learn more by visiting us and signing up.

10% Discount on Drinks, Food & Space Rental

Discount applies on any purchase of drinks, food and space rental.

High Speed Internet

Core Coffee Members enjoy a faster speed internet.

Complimentary iPad Use

Maximum of 2 hours of use per visit. (Coming Soon)

Complimentary Print

Maximum of 20 pages of print per month.

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