C O R E   C O F F E E

Savor a relaxing cup of tea.

Tea is beautiful. Its aroma and taste carry ancient cultures and traditions. This is what we serve inside our cozy tea house in Gresham.

Our world widens to experience hidden valleys, inaccessible mountains, and other indigenous places of origin.

Through an extensive search for exceptional flavor and aromatic profiles, we, at Core Coffee, have partnered with Jasmine Pearl Tea in Portland to provide a unique experience, including our own custom blends.

Have your precious tea moments at Core Coffee, your one-stop coffee house which also serves tea and organic food in Gresham, Oregon.

Core Coffee - Tea House
Core Coffee - Gresham Tea

Kyusu Sencha

Kyushu Sencha is a blend of green teas from Kagoshima, Japan. The aroma is almost custard-like in its richness, and the tea is at once cooling in the mouth and warming in the body. Also, the liquor is sweet with a hint of cedar and tartness. It’s perfect for your everyday tea moment.

Kyushu Sencha - core coffee

Earl Grey

Our Earl Grey is a combination of Chinese Black Tea, Sri Lankan Black Tea, Bergamot Essential Oil – all organic. Its fresh fruitiness is sweet, not soapy. Aromatic and balanced, Earl Grey is excellent both hot or served over ice.

Earl Grey - Core Coffee

Nilgiri Blue Mountain

Ideal for iced tea for its low astringency and pleasant, non-cloudy appearance, this light-bodied black tea produces a mellow liquor with a clean, fruity finish. It comes from the Seethargundu Estate in the Nelliyampathi foothills of the Blue Mountains (Nilgiris) in Kerala, a state in Southern India.

nilgiri blue mountain - core coffee

Blackberry Fig

Ours is a light-bodied Darjeeling black tea naturally flavored with sweet fig and blackberry, blended with anise seed for a slight licorice finish. This gently sweet blend is an exquisite afternoon tea so it matches well with pastries.

Blackberry Fig - Core Coffee

Lavender Honey Spice

Made from South African rooibos, Cardamom, Lavender, natural honey flavor, natural vanilla flavor, bee pollen, this herbal blend is an excellent cup for stress relief.

Lavender Honey Spice - Core Coffee

Feel Better

This caffeine-free blend consists of chamomile, ginger, lemon myrtle, eucalyptus and peppermint. As one of our most popular blend, this drink promises relaxation and ease.

Feel Better - Origins Coffee

Sparkling Teas

Dancing Dragon

Sarsaparilla, honeybush, roasted yerba mate, and earthy puerh tea create a soda that tastes like the scratch-made root beer of simpler times.

Dancing Dragon - Core Coffee

Lemon Hibiscus

A refreshingly tart and fruity blend of hibiscus flowers and lemony herbs. Its bright flavor and beautiful red color make a delightfully festive and thirst-quenching sparkling treat.

Lemon Hibiscus - Core Coffee

Lime Twist

South African green rooibos blended with organic ginger, lemony herbs, and essential lime. Our uniquely refreshing flavor reminiscent of ginger ale and citrus sodas.

Lime Twist - Core Coffee

Jasmine Rose

A refreshingly light blend of aromatic flower blossoms and medium-bodied green tea. Its delicate flavor boasts clean floral notes that are fragrant without being bitter.

Jasmine Rose - Core Coffee