Taste our heavenly organic food & desserts. Organic food helps in keeping our body healthy and fit. We serve hearty food and desserts that will surely please your taste buds. Our food comes from the freshest ingredients and prepared delicately. We use La Provence Pastry and Liberated Baking for gluten free options. Liberated Baking is a dedicated gluten free facility specializing in breads and pastries — no wheat, rye, or barley. We pride ourselves on high quality products with incredible taste and texture. Do you prefer something fluffy and gooey? Buttery and flaky? Sweet and savory? Anything you want, we have it here. We feature multiple types of pastries from four localized bakeries to satisfy all your desserts cravings. Quench your sweet tooth and taste our desserts made with just the right sweetness you’d definitely like. We are your nearby and cozy coffee, tea and desserts house within Gresham, Oregon. See you at Core Coffee! — Core Coffee, Gresham

Core Coffee

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Avocado Toast


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All Organic Açaí Bowl