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A café & a writer -– one of the best combinations…

A cliché? Probably it is, but the important thing is that it’s true! Coffee shops have been the go-to spots of creative writers who want to do their crafts away from their typical, isolated workspaces. A café can be considered as a writer’s coffee shop when it is a dynamic yet comfy place perfect for freelance writers/bloggers to unleash their creative juices.

Here are the top reasons why it has always been a delightful idea to write blogs/articles at your favorite coffee shops.

writer's coffee shop - Core Coffee

Why freelance writers / bloggers / copywriters and the likes love to work within a “writer’s coffee shop”: 

The ambience sets the mood for writing. 
Imagine yourself sitting comfortably within a modern-themed cafe while sipping your favorite high-quality cup of coffee or tea prepared by an experienced barista – what a pleasant scene, eh? Here, you could feel you own a vibrant office spot perfect just for you and your writing craft. No need to pay space rentals, it’s just the splendid coffee drink you ordered and voila, you can enjoy a perfect hub to further boost your productivity.

Familiar faces and work opportunities…
This is based on my personal experience; a person often sees me come in and out of my favorite coffee shop, which I do 3-4 times a week. Upon one of my writing sessions at the café, she approached me, we got to know each other and discussed a job proposal. And there it is, another job opportunity over coffee!

The coffee shop community can definitely be a root of inspiration.
Multiple types of people visit a coffee house each day. There are businessmen, students, employees, artists, mothers, couples and many more. If you happen to be a feature writer or just one who tends to blog just about anything amusing, you will surely pick up inspirations for writing when you come across these unique people in your community.

It is a way of putting yourself out there.
As freelancers, it important for us to put our skills, works and aspirations out in a place where almost everyone is willing to connect and build personal and professional relationships. I know this for a fact as I’ve been able to initially establish a business partnership over a cup of latte and organic treats! Can you believe that?

If you are in Gresham and Portland, Core Coffee may be the best ‘writer’s coffee shop’ for you.

Core Coffee’s mid-century modern space is suited for individuals seeking a comfy yet effective spot for mind motivation. We serve quality coffee, tea and organic eats all perfect when accomplishing your everyday freelancing tasks. We are open daily from 6:00 am – 7:00 pm.

Moreover, Core Coffee is now open for membership to its customers who desire to get more of the café’s perks such as discounts, faster Wi-Fi, free prints and iPad use. See you at the café!

– Core Coffee
600 NW Eastman Pkwy, Gresham, OR 97030

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