3 Ultimate Reasons To Love Organic Food

Are you curious about the ‘organic lifestyle’?

As you research about the benefits of eating organic food, you probably know by now that more and more people, especially millennials, are choosing to eat healthy. Unlike in the older times, the younger generation has not been blessed to live in a world where only organic produce are sold in the market. This is the reason why most people nowadays are careful in shopping for their daily food consumption. Now, we will give you the 6 ultimate reasons to turn your back on chemically-grown produce.

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You’ll definitely choose organic food when you know that: 

They taste better, fresher and more natural. And they are healthier too!
The reason behind this is that fruit and vegetables grown organically tend to grow more slowly and have lower water content, which contributes to the fuller flavor. It is even a fact that when you prepare or cook organic food, it requires fewer additives – less salt, less dressing/sauce. Moreover, research shows that organic food is higher in nutrients than traditional foods.

They are not grown with the help of chemicals.
Conventionally grown produce are treated with pesticides that are considered harmful chemicals. Moreover, organic food is not exposed to gas-ripening that conventionally grown produce undergo. Most non-organic produce present in the market are ‘genetically modified organisms’ whose genetic makeup has been modified in order to enhance pest resistance or promote speedier growth, etc. These GMO’s tend to alter the balance of nature.

Organic produce is biodiversity-friendly.
Modern agricultural practices that are destructive to the environment can definitely affect biodiversity in an ultimately negative way. The excess in herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides and the likes end up in the air and the soil and run off into the water systems, spreading out rapidly from their point of origin. This slowly kills our planet and paves our way to a more complex way of living.

Core Coffee serves organic eats!

We understand your urge to live a healthy lifestyle. That is why we prepare organic food from the freshest ingredients to meet our customers’ demand for healthy and delicious eats. We invite you to join our growing crowd of adventurous foodies. See you at the café!

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