The Milk Tea Habit

Do you enjoy a little milk in your cup of tea?

Fab taste! As a tea lover myself, milk on my tea gives it a smoother, sweeter and yummier flavor. Apparently, this is the reason why tea drinkers worldwide are now giving “milk tea” the same love and appreciation they give to their usual teas. Due to this, milk tea has been a fun beverage to explore. It can be just a tea simply mixed with milk up to a more complex flavored bubble teas – with the use of boba.

Why does milk fit your tea?milk tea - Core Coffee - Gresham

Milk dulls the bitterness of your usual black tea – making it mellower and less astringent. Apart from being a tastier, milk tea has the combined nutrition achieved from drinking milk and tea. Main health benefits are:

• It is rich in antioxidants.
• It has anti-inflammatory effects.
• Lowers the risk of bone brittleness.
• It serves as stress buster.
• It refreshes the body.

Why not drink the usual plain tea?

Green, black and herbal teas did not lose their appeal to tea drinkers at all. In fact, tea lovers still crave the original taste of their precious herbs. However, we are now existing in a world full of innovation and amusement for evolution of trends. And tea isn’t an exception. As people of the modern era, we continuously experiment on making tasty fusions of beverages. And fortunately, milk tea is one of them. Now, numerous tea houses have been open to new ideas and recipes to make awesome tea flavors, and people are loving it!

Taste flavorful Milk Tea at Core Coffee!

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Some of our crowd-favorite milk teas:

BlackBerry Fig Bubble Tea
BlackBerry Fig black milk tea with boba and mixed berries.

Lavender Honey Spice
Rooibos milk tea with boba.

Green milk tea with boba.

– Core Coffee

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