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The proper way of storing coffee beans isn’t as complicated as you might think.

You probably know by now that besides from the quality of the beans you buy, the way you store your coffee can also affect the taste of your favorite cup. The good thing is, you can always improve your coffee beans storage methods for maximum freshness and flavor. Here are tips to retain your coffee beans’ quality.

Avoid air, moisture, light and heat. storing coffee beans - Gresham

Coffee’s retail packaging is typically not ideal for long-term storage. That’s why it is important to invest in appropriate storage containers. Coffee beans are aromatic and beautiful but using an airtight, opaque container is the right choice. It prevents air, moisture and light from penetrating your coffee. Moreover, a cool, dark location is the best place for storing coffee beans. Avoid placing it above the stove, near the microwave, or in direct light as heat will weaken the integrity of your coffee.

Buy just the right amount of coffee.

Coffee can go bad over time. Keep in mind that coffee loses its freshness almost immediately after roasting. Therefore, coffee should be consumed as quickly as possible after it is roasted. And because of this, it is best to purchase small batches enough for a week or two of consumption. Also, be sure to check the roast date on the coffee bag and try to spot the most recent batch.

Be sure your favorite “go-to” café does good in storing coffee beans.

Of course, coffee shops should be the best at it. The good news is that Core Coffee guarantees high-quality coffee is being served every single day. Apart from our own experimentation with various brewing methods to deliver the best coffee experience, we store coffee in the best way possible. See you at the café!

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